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Maruti suzuki celerio On Road Price In Mumbai

Maruti suzuki celerio price in Mumbai start at Rs. ₹7,37,902.00* Lakh. The lowest price model is Maruti Suzuki Celerio Vxi AMT and the most priced model of Maruti suzuki celerio priced at Rs. ₹7,13,000.00* Lakh. Visit your nearest Maruti suzuki celerio showroom in Mumbai for best offers.

Before the Celerio can boast its feature list, it must have the basic features of a family vehicle. Can it achieve that?

Today, car buyers are more focused on the brochure than the actual capabilities of the vehicle. Even though the most expensive cars can usually get these basics right it is more difficult for smaller hatchbacks to achieve the correct balance. This is what the all-new Celerio intends to prove. Is it practical enough to be used every day? Or is it just as impressive in the brochure as it is on the road?

Today, car buyers are more focused on the brochure than the actual capabilities of the vehicle. Even though the most expensive cars can usually get these basics right it is more difficult for smaller hatchbacks to achieve the correct balance. This is what the all-new Celerio intends to prove. Is it practical enough to be used every day? Or is it just as impressive in the brochure as it is on the road?


Basic. The Celerio's design can be summarized in one word. It's a resemblance to the Alto 800, but it is larger. The Celerio's wheelbase and width have increased in comparison to the earlier model, which has improved its proportions. The design details are a little too simple. It won't touch your heartstrings but it's not overpowering.

It gets halogen headlamps, fog lamps, and a subtle chrome touch on the grille at the front. This look is not anything special and remains quite sombre. Although LED DRLs might have been a nice touch, they aren't even available as accessories. Maruti offers two accessory packages to enhance exterior and interior design.

The black alloy wheels of 15 inches are the most prominent on the sides. They look smart and stylish. Unfortunately, only the top-spec version has them. All other models get 14-inch tyres. The ORVMs can be body-coloured and have turn indicators. The important thing is that they can be adjusted electrically and automatically fold when the car is locked. The passive keyless entry button is the next thing. It could be better designed, but it's not what we want.

The back is a perfect balance of width and height. Its clean design lends it a more serious look. This profile could have looked a little more modern with LED taillamps. You do get a washer, rear wiper and defogger. It is quite convenient to release the boot from your vehicle, and you also have an out-of-place keyless entry button.

The 2021 Celerio hatchback is simple and won't attract much attention. Young buyers might not like the design and may prefer something more dynamic. Pun intended.


Although the exterior of the Celerio is bland, the interior looks very stylish. It feels premium with its black dashboard and silver accents on the AC vents, and centre console. The build quality is also impressive. It is a pleasant surprise to find a budget Maruti with solid fit and finish. This is communicated through all touch points, including the steering wheel, buttons, and gear shifter.

The seating position is also a good thing. The driver's seats are comfortable and large enough to fit most drivers. The seat height adjustment is adjustable to allow for both short and tall drivers. This allows for good visibility outwards. Tilt-adjustable steering is another feature that helps to ensure a comfortable driving position. The seating position is still low for a traditional hatchback, and not high like an SUV like the S-Presso. The Celerio is a great ergonomic choice.

The hatchback's cabin functionality is where we are most impressed. The hatchback has two cup holders, a deep storage tray, and a slightly wider than average storage tray. Unfortunately, it can't hold modern smartphones. They will be left hanging while charging. You also get a decent-sized glovebox, and pockets on all doors. There could be more storage space in the cabin, especially behind and in front of the handbrake. It would have been great to have open storage on the dashboard.

Although the list of features is not comprehensive, they are very useful. The top features a touchscreen infotainment unit with seven-inch display and four speakers that support Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. The sound quality is not great. The AMT transmission also includes a push-button AC, push-button starting, an electrically adjustable ORVM, steering-mounted controls and Hill Hold Assist.

Although the list is practical, a rear-mounted camera with parking sensors would have made it easier for new drivers and their passengers to park in tight spots. We wish that automatic climate control (ex-showroom) at Rs 75,000 should have been added.

Rear Seats

The Celerio isn't as tall as the Wagon R so ingress and exit are difficult. The Celerio requires you to sit down in the car, unlike the WagonR which allows you to simply walk into it. Getting in is easy, however. You will be comfortable while on city trips because the seat base is flat, and the cushioning is soft. Even two 6-footers can comfortably sit side by side in the ample space. The cabin is spacious and comfortable, with plenty of headroom, knee room, and legroom. Because the cabin is narrow, you can only seat three people at the back.

The seats are comfortable but the experience is basic. There are no headrests that can be adjusted, and no cupholders or armrests. Even the seatback pockets are only for the passenger side. Although you do have door pockets, the Celerio needs to add more features to enhance the rear-seat experience.

Boot Space

It is spacious with a 313-litre capacity. Although it is not as large as the Wagon R's 331, litres, this boot space is still plenty. If your luggage is larger than the boot space, you can also have 60:40 split rear folding seats.

There are two issues. The first is that the loading lip of the bag is very high and does not have a cover. The loading lip is quite high and requires strength. Sliding heavy bags around can cause damage to the paint. You will also need to use your smartphone's flashlight to search for specific items at night.


There are four options for the Maruti Celerio: LXI (VXI), ZXI (ZXI), and ZX+. All but the base model are available with an automatic transmission AMT. Prices start at Rs 4.9 lakh and go up to Rs 6.94 crore (ex-showroom Delhi).

Engine and Performance

Celerio now has a 1.0-litre petrol engine that features Dual Jet tech, VVT, and auto-idle stop/start to conserve fuel. The power and torque figures are 68PS/89Nm, which is not very impressive. Let's not get distracted by the brochure and instead focus on the drive.

As you drive off, the Celerio's driving experience is what you will notice first. The Celerio has a light clutch, smooth gear shifting, and a responsive throttle response. These features make it easy to get off the line. You can accelerate quickly because the engine has plenty of power. Although it isn't very fast, it builds speed steadily. The engine's responsive nature allows it to feel comfortable within the city limits. At city speeds, it is simple to overtake and doesn't usually require a downshift.

Engine refinement is excellent, especially for a 3-cylinder mill. Even when the engine is revved up to highway speeds for overtaking, this remains true. You can cruise at 100 kmph and still have enough power to overtake. They are not easy to plan, but they can be done. It actually feels more powerful than the 1.1 and 1.2-litre engines it competes with. If you want to drive the Celerio in bumper-to-bumper traffic, there is a steep learning curve. Even with minimal throttle inputs, it feels a bit jerky. Maruti should address this. Although this engine is not without its faults, the 1.2-litre engine in the Wagon R or Ignis is superior in power delivery and refinement.

The AMT is the best option if you are looking for a hassle-free experience. An AMT's shifts are very smooth and quick. The engine's low torque allows the transmission to shift more often and creates a relaxing driving experience.


Another highlight of the Celerio is its mileage. The Celerio claims to be India's most efficient petrol car, with a claimed efficiency of 26.68kmpl. This claim will be put to the test during our efficiency run. However, based on the time spent driving the Celerio around the city, we can safely assume that it averages around 20kmpl.

Ride and handling

For small family cars that spend most of their time in cities, comfort is a key factor. At slow speeds, the Celerio isolates you from any road imperfections and keeps you comfortable. As you increase your speed, the suspension becomes more firm and the road surface is visible inside. You can feel the cracks and potholes, as well as some cabin movement from side to side. Although this isn't uncomfortable, we think a smaller city car should have a better ride quality.

The handling is easy and the steering feels light at city speeds. This contributes to the Celerio’s ease-of-use nature and makes it more accessible for novice drivers. However, experienced drivers will notice that the steering does not re-center properly after turning, which can be a little annoying. On the highways, the steering is certainly more confidence-inspiring.


Price Dilemma


Base Variant

Top Variant

Wagon R

Rs 4.9 Lakh

Rs 6.5 Lakh


Rs 5 lakh

Rs 7 lakh


Rs 5.1 Lakh

Rs 7.5 Lakh

There is one thing we need to address before reaching a conclusion. The Celerio is priced between the WagonRand the Ingnis. The Wagon R, a spacious and practical hatchback, is priced Rs 50,000 lower than the Celerio in its AMT version. In its top variant, the Ignis is Rs 50,000 less expensive than the Celerio. It has more features and is larger. The Wagon R or Ignis are better options if you want more features than the Celerio, or are willing to sacrifice a few.

To be honest, the Celerio choice will require a strong reason.


The hatchback's simple-to-drive nature is why it is so popular. The Celerio is less intimidating than the Wagon R and offers more style options. It also has more practical features, more comfortable rear seats, and an efficient engine that delivers impressive fuel economy. The Celerio is not the perfect family hatchback for urban families. There are many things that could be improved on the Celerio's design, ride comfort and cabin practicality.

You need an affordable, fuel-efficient hatchback that is easy to drive and economical. This is the reason you should buy the Celerio. You can find the Marutis, which are more well-known and have a similar price point, if you require more.

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